Effects of Steroid on the Brain

We all know that bodybuilders and athletes use steroids, which is very common. Many of us use it to grow muscle or to cut body weight. The use of steroids increases bodybuilder's performance. It also helps to gain weight by using drugs when you are lean, but you have to have a proper diet.

It also has some adverse side effects as well as its positive effects. By using hormones, there can be many problems. Physically and mentally, it can cause issues that may influence the mind. Let's take a look at how steroids affect the human brain.

Mental Effect of Steroid

Steroid use can cause anxiety, stress, hysteria, and hallucinations in people. Drug use can lead and affect a person's relationship with family and friends, both in social and emotional terms. Individuals who use steroids also experience having changes in mood.

Effects on Memory

An impaired executive function is likely to lead to uncertainty and poor planning, while a reduced capacity for prospective memory contributes to forgetfulness. Daily use of steroids can significantly impact on the memory of a person.

Mental Illness

Research has shown that psychological problems can be brought about by corticosteroids. The use of hormones was related to depression and schizophrenia. The induction and removal of steroids can trigger mania and depression.

Change of Personality

Some steroid users use drugs to either enhance their athletic performance or to boost their appearance. Drastic changes in attitude and "roid anger" are common red steroid abuse flags. Steroid abuse can also contribute to dramatic changes in temperament over time.

Effect on Mind

Many people are taking anabolic steroid drugs or treatments to render muscles stronger rapidly. Nevertheless, the hormones have other consequences as well. ("Anabolism" means growing or building.) They may induce brain and body adjustments that raise disease risk and influence moods.


Research suggests that corticoids have lowered body serotonin levels and that decreased serotonin levels may cause depression and other psychiatric disorders. Corticosteroid withdrawal may also lead to depression.


Steroids (technically known as anabolic steroids) function to replicate hormone testosterone, which triggers puberty in boys ' shifts, with a deeper voice and increased muscle mass. Testosterone and aggression have certainly been related to science.

Side Effects of Steroid

Using steroids has many side effects. Such as

  • It can be the reason for oily skin.
  • It can cause hair loss for both man and women
  • It can be the reason for kidney disease
  • It can also be the reason for liver disease
  • It can cause heart attack and stroke
  • It can cause mood change, aggression, and depression.


Not all steroids are bad for health. There are some good quality steroids available on the market but in case you want to use it, you must use it properly. Otherwise, it can cause many mental and physical problems.

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